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Ben's Longball22 Classic Golf Tournament

EST. 2021

Ben’s LongBall22 Classic Golf Tournament is an annual fundraiser held to honor the life of Ben Longley and support life-changing suicide prevention programs for young adults in South Dakota and the surrounding region.

Hundreds of family, friends, and community supporters gather each July for the annual LongBall22 Classic Golf Tournament, silent auction, and dinner event. LongBall22 Classic Golf Tournament is a volunteer-run event put on by the Ben Longley family, The Fellowship (friends of Ben Longley), and Lost&Found.

Funds raised through the event support Lost&Found’s Peer2Peer Mentorship Program, which connects students with 1-on-1 peer coaches at 7 campuses in South Dakota and Minnesota. Thanks to the support of LongBall22 Classic Golf Tournament, over 85 mentors have been trained and dozens of students have connected for mental health support.

LongBall22 Classic Golf Tournament welcomes all community members to participate, whether in-person or virtually, to support the day’s events.

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